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Morgan is the Director at Papillon House Bookkeeping, a Tampa, Florida-based firm that specializes in bookkeeping services for law offices, architects, and the construction industry. With over three years of experience in her current role, she aids her clients in meticulously organizing their financials. Morgan’s dedication and expertise extend beyond the realm of accounting, allowing her to provide comprehensive financial management solutions. She also engages with her audience through live discussions on the Papillon House Bookkeeping Facebook group page.
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We don’t treat you like another number

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How Financial Management can grow your Business

Bookkeeping is the process of recording and categorizing financial transactions, and then analyzing all said financial data that occurs in an institution, whether such institution is business or personal in nature. We help you manage your finances through detailed bookkeeping and robust reporting so you can use all available data in a comprehensive manner in order to grow your company to its fullest capacity.

There are many accounting systems for bookkeepers to use in tracking finances. However, at Papillon House we use QuickBooks Online as our accounting software to help keep track of and record transactions as well as run the financial reports necessary to assist a business in its organization and planning. We also have a portal where we can provide more robust reporting with comparables that we provide clients on a monthly basis.

We handle and organize your day-to-day financial records which removes hours of time and effort on your part. These records include receipts, invoices, bills, loans, and bank feeds– all of which can be quickly and painlessly set up for you. We use this information to create reports for your business planning, help you organize for end of year tax filings, and apply for loans or certifications- or whatever your long term business goals may be!

Papillon House

At Papillon House Bookkeeping, we offer a way for you to gain back that valuable time that lets you get back to the things in life you want to be doing without sacrificing the business!
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Privacy is Key

Your firms accounts and finances are your business, and no one else's. Which is why we employ the highest ethical standards in order to protect your company and make sure that you are not exposed to anyone you have not given permission to.

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Decrease Overhead

With flat monthly fees, we take the guess work out of cost. When you work with us, you save money on payroll tax, 401k, insurance, and all other "in house" expenses. There is no need for overtime or sick pay; no time out of your day is spent chasing around another employee for productivity.

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When you're here... You're Family

Are you tired of consistently being unable to get ahold of your CPA or QBO standard bookkeeper? At Papillon House, your bookkeeper is a phone call or email away. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated- like people.

The Key to Financial Literacy is...

Understanding the Financial Data that Lives in the Numbers.

About Bookkeeping

At our distinguished bookkeeping firm, we take pride in the exceptional breadth and depth of expertise we bring to our valued clients. We employ a dedicated team of highly skilled bookkeepers, each bringing a unique set of skills to ensure that every financial detail is accounted for accurately and promptly. To supplement our in-house team, we are partnered with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), providing a comprehensive suite of services that extend beyond traditional bookkeeping. This collaboration allows us to assist with tax preparation, planning, and advisory services, and even offer CFO services when the need arises. Our partnership’s strength ensures we are uniquely equipped to support your business’ financial health, facilitating a seamless flow from everyday transactions to high-level strategic decisions.

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Key financial statements

Profit & Loss Statements

The Profit and Loss report, also known as an Income Statement, shows the revenue and expenses of your business over a particular period of time. Typically, these reports are produced monthly, quarterly and annually.

Balance Sheets

A Balance Sheet is a snapshot of your companies finances at any one point in time. This report is used for business planning.

Statement of Cash Flows

A Cash Flow Statement is a record of the money (cash, electronic payments, etc.) entering and leaving your company. This can help you identify and budget particular categories of income and expenses.

The Gold Standard is Here !!!

Accounts Payable

Keeping track of who you owe and who needs to be paid this month is overwhelming. We are here to help! We have systems in place to keep track of and record, all of your vendors and their outstanding invoices. And, we can help you remember who needs to get paid each month with a special report.

Accounts Receivable

Wondering who owes you money month after month is exhausting. Preparing and sending invoices can be time consuming, not to mention complicated and tedious- let us help! We can work with you to input a system in place that will best fit your business needs, whether you need us to input them for you or retroactively for data entry purposes.

Business Organization

We all want to take our business to the next level but sometimes we're unsure how. We specialize in companies that are ready to take the next step and grow! The future is virtual and sometimes it's hard to determine the best way to do things, while also ensuring nothing gets missed. Let our experience work for you; we can schedule a 1:1 meeting where we can strategize the BEST way for your business to move forward!

Tax Planning

We contract with one of the best fractional CPA's in order to bring you tax preparation, filing, and monthly strategy sessions. We have packages tailored to your business so that all of your financial needs can be taken care of under ONE roof!


Sometimes companies fall behind and need help paying their subcontractors. Big companies have complicated software systems that make running payroll a nightmare. We contract with one of the best small business payroll companies on the market- and can help with making payments so you can save time and money.

Quickbooks Online

We can get your subscription at a discounted rate, thus decreasing your cost of doing business.

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