5 Reasons a Remote Bookkeeper is Necessary | Bookkeeping Tips

October 4, 2021 11:05 am

5 Reasons a Remote Bookkeeper is Necessary | Bookkeeping Tips

Small business owners need a REMOTE BOOKKEEPER!

If you’re a business owner, then you know how important it is to keep track of your finances. But what does that mean? What does it involve, and how do you even do that? 

One easy solution is to hire a remote bookkeeper

I understand your hesitation. If I’m supposed to save money, why would I incur the added expense of a remote bookkeeper?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a bookkeeper and what is it they actually do?…

A bookkeeper is someone who performs the day to day data entry tracking your revenue, expenses and income. And at the end of every month, they do account reconciliations to make sure nothing was missed. Once it is assured nothing was missed, those two totals equate to profits, or losses. Everyone wants to be in profit, but without daily tracking of expenses, you could be at a loss with no way of knowing.

Remote bookkeepers are not standard time positions. They can be Full-Time or Part-Time. The real value though is that they perform their bookkeeping services while working from home (or home office).

They run their own schedules. They pay their own taxes. They manage themselves so you don’t have to.

Its important to understand that the people who take these remote bookkeeping jobs are highly organized and highly structured people. Its that attention to consistency that gives their clients the confidence to meet their financial objectives, so that business growth also becomes consistent, predictable, and automatic.

Top 4 reasons remote bookkeeping is necessary to the success of your business:

1- Accurate Budgeting.

If you aren’t aware of what your expenses are and, if you don’t know what your profit is, how can you expect to know what you can afford in your business? Accurate tracking (supplies, payroll, transaction fees, etc.) is the only way to see what you’re actually spending and therefore, what you are really bringing home. Small business budgeting is oftentimes the difference between success and failure because every penny counts. Therefore, every penny needs to be accounted for!

2- Simple Tax Filing.

Oftentimes I think this should be the number one reason. You may thinking, “I have an accountant for my taxes. Why would I need a remote bookkeeper!!??” I have answered this question so many times!

Accounting and bookkeeping are two different animals.

Accountants know taxes. Bookkeepers know your books. Bookkeepers prepare your finances FOR your accountant.

Accountants aren’t in your books on a day to day basis. They have too many clients to do so. They aren’t interested in whether the company takes a loss.

Bookkeepers however, do. Bookkeepers have years of experience with the day to day transactions of any business. They are also in your books often enough to notice the patterns that develop and when or if something looks off, our bookkeepers at Papillon House will let you know. Because, we care about the success of your company and we will save you time, stress, and money.

3- Accurate picture of business.

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is because they don’t track finances accurately. You may be the best contractor in your area, but if you aren’t tracking costs and expenses, you may be losing money and not even know it! Providing excellent customer service and reputable work is not the same as running a business.

Bookkeeping is more than just banks and credit cards, its knowing accounts receivables and payables, its knowing general ledgers and chart of accounts, and its knowing how to generate and understand that information from the software available.

4- Easier decision making and strategic planning.

It’s easy to hire a staff member or buy a new piece of equipment when you know your business can afford it. The only way to know if your business can afford new expenses is to meticulously manage your books. Good bookkeepers give you the data necessary so you can make decisions for your business without the stress of wondering what you can afford. The best way to grow is to have organized finances!

5- Enhanced Confidence.

At this point, has your heart rate risen at the thought of doing all this for yourself? Have you read some of this and realized you don’t actually know what a chart of accounts is, and more importantly, you don’t care to know either?

Papillon House Bookkeepers have the work experience to set your business up for massive success. We work side by side with you and your team in order to ease the responsibility doing everything yourself. Our people do the remote work necessary to manage your books so you can serve your clients better. Your books are VITAL, but they don’t need to be YOUR responsibility!

Book a Free Consultation to see how I can ease your load and make the financial health of your business hassle-free!

Morgan is the Director at Papillon House Bookkeeping, a Tampa, Florida-based firm that specializes in bookkeeping services for law offices, architects, and the construction industry. With over three years of experience in her current role, she aids her clients in meticulously organizing their financials. Morgan's dedication and expertise extend beyond the realm of accounting, allowing her to provide comprehensive financial management solutions. She also engages with her audience through live discussions on the Papillon House Bookkeeping Facebook group page.