Bookkeeping Services for Architects

Bookkeeping Services for Architects

When you hire a bookkeeper, you want to make sure you find someone who knows their way around an architectural firm. In an architectural firm, as with most businesses, the more time you spend working on the back end of the business, the less time you have to stay on top of your design schedules, or time you have in new business development. So it helps when the person you hire already knows the In’s and Out’s of your industry.
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What can bookkeeping for Architects do for your firm?

We can keep track of all your transactions and record them in such a way as to capture important data through reporting. This shows you the information you need in order to make the best decisions for your firm. When you have the confidence of knowledge at your back, you can determine the best way to grow and be better at reading and evaluating current practices.

One of the ways we do this is by making sure your chart of accounts is built out in a detailed fashion, tailored to the specifics of your company so that when we run reports for you, it shows you exactly where your money is going.

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At Papillon House, we use QuickBooks Online as our accounting software to help keep track of your firm’s business bookkeeping needs. Because of our understanding of your industry we can customize this accounting system’s software to be able to help you with organizing your business and keeping you on track.

Some of the ways we do this include, making sure your chart of accounts is built out in a detailed fashion, tailored to the specifics of your company so that when we run reports for you, it shows you exactly where your money is going.

Do you often wonder if your consultants are paid, or if you've overpaid for a project?

What about tracking reimbursable expenses?
We have class reporting and methods of tracking subconsultants. This allows for another layer of project management, so you can keep track of spending over long projects. We can also work with you on accounts receivable and invoicing.

We Get It...

The records we use include: financial records, vendor bills, invoices and bank feeds – all of which can be quickly and painlessly set up for you. We perform the essential accounting practices that allow you the peace of mind that comes with hiring a “accountant” without the price tag that goes along with it.

We take all our knowledge and perform architectural bookkeeping instead. This gives you that same information you need on a monthly basis while offering a more personalized relationship with our company for a lesser expense.

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The Papillon House Difference

When you work with us, you can speak directly to someone about a problem, or ask a question. We respond in the same day and work hard on a daily basis to get your issues resolved.

We understand that you do not want to be in the books for hours every week. You need someone who can get the financial statements and run your books while you run your firm. This is Financial Management.

You are a busy professional who is managing clients, contractors, deadlines- all the while keeping the business profitable. You do not have the time for the tedium of bookkeeping in addition to running the reports every month- plus it’s boring.

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Bookkeeping Services for Architects

We know you are diligent and intelligent business owners’ that just, “want the problem solved,” and so we are here to help. We reconcile every month and we will either send you reports every month- or teach you so you can pull them yourself. If you choose to have us do it for you then each month you will receive a profit and loss (income statement) and balance sheet, as well as any other reports we talk about on our discovery call.

We understand while we may not talk to you every day, that doesn’t mean the job we are performing is without import. You can trust that we’ll continue performing our job so you won’t have to. We are dependable and reliable in our commitment to helping your firm grow and run smoothly.

We’ve also partnered with a CPA to take care of all your tax prep needs and additionally, we offer payroll management services as well.

How can a Bookkeeper add Value to Your Business & Your Life?

The old adage of “time or money” describes most business owners. Either you have an abundance of time and little revenue, or an abundance of revenue and little time.

However, the dream of every business owner is to have a healthy supply of both. Our services are designed to save you time so you can spend it increasing profits or increasing the quality of your life.

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It is also true that few business owners- whether they own a small business or large, got into their business in order to be an accountant. Instead, business owners have a passion to do what they love and want to make money doing it – bookkeeping is just one of the necessary tasks to achieve that goal. However, by hiring a bookkeeper you can get back to doing more of what you love.

At Papillon House Bookkeeping, we offer a way for you to gain back that valuable time that lets you get back to the things in life you’d rather be doing.