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At Papillon House Bookkeeping, we offer a way for you to gain back valuable time 
that gets you back to the things in life you want to be doing without sacrificing the business!

At Papillon House Bookkeeping we have 30 plus years of combined experience in the trades, corporate, retail, and professional services. We use organization, dedication, knowledge and time, to promote financial literacy for our clients. What does this actually mean? We want every business owner to understand what their numbers mean. We want you to know what the Profit and Loss is telling you so that you can make decisions necessary to achieve more profits. We understand that means more than just a +/- at the bottom of the report and we want you to as well. We want you to spend as little time on your bookkeeping as possible while still having a confident grasp of the business’ finances. This way you can do what you do best, run your company, spend time with your family and actually enjoy your weekend as more than just a long coffee break.

The bottom line is, we actually care about your business. Every time we go into the books, we treat them as though they are our own. If we see something we think might be an issue, we bring it to your attention- over and over- until you tell us to leave it alone or help us fix it. This is because we want you to be clean, transparent, and successful. We don’t want any of our clients to be out of compliance or misinformed as to what their numbers mean or where their money lies.

Our team’s dedication ensures we are uniquely equipped to support your business’ financial health, facilitating a seamless flow from everyday transactions to high-level strategic decisions.


We exceed expectations
We enjoy what we do
We are invested in your success
We aren’t extra, we do extra
We listen and encourage
We are honest, fair, and sincere- with respect
We’re a coach, a partner, and a friend.

Why we stand out
How we go the extra mile

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