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Precision Bookkeeping for Architects
Bridging the Gap Between Creative Design and Financial Clarity

Specialized Invoicing for Complex Projects
The architectural billing process is intricate, often divided into distinct phases:

Each phase involves billing a percentage of the project, necessitating precise progress invoicing to ensure that all numbers are consistent and accurate. We can work with you to pull the necessary information from your 3rd party software or spreadsheets to help you get the billing information into the books so you can have accurate reporting. Our goal is not to duplicate your efforts, but instead to provide valuable financial support and insights where they are most needed. 

Understanding the Unique Needs of Architects

Oftentimes when we do the books for architects, it’s not necessarily bookkeeping in a general sense the way it is for other businesses. It’s bookkeeping per project in a way that aligns more with architectural methodology. Everything is done in phases and projects and that’s how we present our data. We pay close attention to the Chart of Accounts to identify trends and monitor performance. Your bookkeeper is a more important liaison between you and your CPA or Financial Advisor because the books are more project based. With architects, reconciliations become even more important. Because the projects last for a long time, AR becomes even more necessary to stay on top of.

Tailored to Fit the Architectural Mindset

We appreciate the detail-oriented, personality of many architects and mirror this attention to detail in managing your financials. Our team is committed to ensuring that every financial piece fits perfectly within your business framework, helping you maintain a clear picture of your firm’s financial health.

Let's Build a Solid Financial Foundation Together

At Papillon, we understand the architecture industry from the ground up. If you're looking for a bookkeeping partner who respects the intricacies of your profession and provides the meticulous attention to detail you require, contact us today.


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