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Are you stuck trying to fill out the application for the USDA’s SNAP/EBT? Are you struggling because you do not know what to write, or how to fill out the application? The USDA can be tricky. The language is difficult to interpret at times and if you make a mistake, they do not give a second chance.They are hard to get ahold of and if English is not your first language, it can be very challenging. We can help you avoid all the headache and miscommunication of your SNAP application!

EBT and SNAP is a program the department of agriculture (USDA) created so that electronic benefits, like food stamps, can be available for the public to access in their local store while still allowing the business owner to receive the sales of that transaction.


Facts & Questions

How Do I Input My Sales?

The application for snap requires you to input the estimated or actual sales of the store. If the store was open less than one year before the date of the application you may use the sales estimates. If the store has been open for more than the one year prior to the application’s submission date, the application requires the owner to use the actual sales of the business. It is important to keep good records and prepare before starting the application process.

What does the Inventory and Variety Section mean?
  •   The section on varieties and inventory is the most common section we get questions on. The USDA wants to see that each store owner has at least four different varieties of each category of food. This means they want AT LEAST four different types of meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, or bread and grain products

  •  Then, once that is satisfied, the USDA wants you to have at least three units of each variety. This means the USDA wants to see three boxes of rice, or jugs of milk, or packages of hot dogs when they come to inspect your store.

  •  Lastly, one of the varieties in each group has to be perishable. Which means it is fresh and can spoil. Some examples of acceptable perishable foods include: bananas, lunch meat, milk, bread. The USDA does this so that the store has fresh food to offer and not only cans and bags of food.
How Do I Fill out the Affidavit?

The affidavit is the USDA’s way of checking to make sure no one in possession of the store has been disqualified. It must be notarized and saved as a PDF before submitting to the USDA. Reading it can be sometimes confusing. We are here to help you read and answer the questions!

How can I utilize the SNAP benefits in my business? How do I receive the profits from the sales of EBT Beneficiaries?

SNAP and EBT (electronic benefit transfer) is a simple enough benefits program. Once the EBT beneficiary applying for benefits completes the application process, the USDA determines whether or not they are eligible for snap benefits, awards them a benefit amount, and then sends them their EBT card in the mail. This card is tied to their social security number and they can then go into any store that accepts EBT and use the card the same as a debit card. On the business owner’s side, it functions like a debit card and the business owner receives the profits from the sale in the same way they would a bank transaction.


Our partnership with Metropolitan Law Group has allowed us the resources to be able to help business owners handle any problems and answer any question they may have during the application process. We have helped many business owners complete their application with a high approval rate. They are well versed in the changes that occurred October 1, 2021 and help us to help you avoid all the snags along the way in the application process. At Papillon House, we care about your success. We are available for you and go above and beyond to help answer your questions and make it easy and painless. We have developed a process that allows us to work with you ahead of the USDA to get documents ready and shorten the application time as much as possible.

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