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We’re passionate about our clientele and their goals to succeed! At Papillon House accurate financial data and robust monthly reporting is the norm, not the exception. You‘ll receive timely and confidential responses from our team. 

Our fixed rates keep your overhead low without having to pay for office space, benefits, equipment or supplies. 

Our bookkeeping services and business solutions, provide you with the tools and resources you need to apply for a loan, satisfy investors, make an acquisition or simply get back time


Starting with the latest tax year, we do a deep clean to get you up to date and accurate.



 Once you’re up and running we do everything you need to keep you that way; monthly maintenance, categorization, reconciliations, any necessary adjustments, review and prepare financial reports, prepare your end of year packet, email support, unlimited meetings etc…  



Everything else you can think of- 1099s, vendor payments, payroll administration, invoice assistance, QB Desktop to Online Conversion, and Legal Billing. We have all your needs covered!


How Papillon House Bookkeeping 
Can Help Grow Your Business

There are many accounting systems for bookkeepers to use in tracking finances. However, at Papillon House we use QuickBooks Online as our accounting software to help keep track of and record transactions as well as run the financial reports necessary to assist a business in its organization and planning. 

We also have a portal where we can provide more robust reporting with comparables for you on a monthly basis. We handle and organize your day-to-day financial records which removes hours of time and effort on your part. These records include receipts, invoices, bills, loans, and bank feeds– all of which can be quickly and painlessly set up for you. We use this information to create reports for your business planning, help you organize for end of year tax filings, and apply for loans or certifications- or whatever your long term business goals may be!


Build a Legacy 
of Financial Freedom:
A little about our two main reports 
a balance sheet and a profit and loss.

In the financial narrative of any business, two statements reign supreme: the balance sheet and the profit and loss report.. Like the two sides of a coin, each tells a distinct but interrelated story about a company’s financial health. The balance sheet presents a snapshot of a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point in time, revealing what the business owns and owes. In contrast, the profit and loss report unfolds the performance story over a period, chronicling revenues, costs, and expenses to illuminate profitability.

Interpreting these financial statements can be akin to reading a map and a diary simultaneously. The balance sheet serves as a map, guiding stakeholders to assess the terrain of a company’s financial position. It offers solid ground for investors and shareholders to ascertain actual value and potential for future investment. Meanwhile, the P&L report reads as a diary, providing a historical account of operational efficiency and reflecting decisions made by management. Together, they enable a comprehensive understanding of business sustainability and potential for growth, giving life to numbers that would otherwise seem static.

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