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At Papillon House, we provide more than just expert bookkeeping services. We’re well versed in many legal 3rd party software applications and understand how to incorporate QuickBooks Online. We scrutinize the trust account balances on all three platforms, so you are never at risk for mis management. We know the ins and outs of legal billing and can work with your office manager or paralegal to help to ensure it’s entered into QBO accurately. All this and so much more…

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Expert Bookkeeping Services for Legal Professionals
Navigate the Complexities of Trust Accounting with Confidence

Trust accounting stands as one of the most scrutinized areas in legal practice. Mismanagement of these funds can lead to severe consequences, including disbarment. Recognizing the high stakes, many attorneys alter their business models to avoid trust accounting. However, this isn't always an option. At Papillon House, we specialize in impeccable trust account management, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Streamlined Reconciliation Processes

We implement rigorous 3-way reconciliations, ensuring that your CRM balances, accounting software, and bank accounts are perfectly aligned. In the digital age, many processes are automated, and although technology simplifies many aspects of reconciliation, it can also obscure the true nature of these processes. 

Sensitive to Professional Boundaries

Concerns over confidentiality, potential dissatisfaction, and other risks make financial transparency within the firm a delicate issue. Whether you're a small two-person firm looking to grow, or a larger practice where the office manager juggles multiple roles, Papillon House provides the discreet, professional bookkeeping services needed to keep your firm's finances accurate and private.

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